The farm of the Dotto family: Radicchio, and not just for passion and tradition for over four generations.


The uniqueness of the production chain of Radicchio IGP


Throughout the year, the company in addition to focusing on the production of a wide range of Radicchio, find space and time for other crops.

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The company because of the reputation it enjoys in the territory Treviso and to the strategic position in which it is located, receives and organizes guided tours of times to discover the entire production chain, in particular the chain of Radicchio.


For our shop selling dedicate part of our land to other small our productions, which lets look as if they were the vegetable garden for our family. Discover our products at Km 0.


We give the possibility to everyone, distant customers and neighbors to buy our products: discover how to receive our packages directly to your home, with guaranteed delivery throughout Italy in only 24H