Torre d'Orlando - Dotto Family Farm

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Torre D'Orlando - Azienda Agricola Dotto - Dotto's Farm of Radicchio IGP

The Dotto Family

The farm of the Dotto family: Radicchio and beyond, for over four generations of passion and tradition.

Born in the cradle of the Sile river, from Torre d’Orlando we can find tradition, history, culture but above all experience and dedication in the cultivation of their own vegetables and vegetables.

In these magnificent lands, we find the heart of the production of Radicchio Tardivo IGP, which has always been a Venetian pride and pride. 

The uniqueness of the production chain of the Late Red Radicchio of Treviso I.G.P.

The Dotto farm, with its Torre d’Orlando brand, has always tried to bring a high quality product to the tables of the Treviso people, grown in respect of the territory and the flavors of tradition.

The undisputed prince of our production is the Late Radicchio of Treviso IGP.

A product that bears witness to the love for our land and the Treviso agricultural tradition.

Throughout the year, the Dotto farm, in addition to focusing on the production of a wide range of Radicchi, expands its work with other crops and seasonal vegetables.

Visit the Company

Thanks to the notoriety, our company enjoys in the Treviso area a the strategic position in which it is located, we receive and organize guided tours aimed at discovering the entire production chain, especially the Red Late Radicchio of Treviso chain.

Our wines and Spirits

Discover our native wines and grappas of the Treviso area, produced in our company: Prosecco Doc, Merlot, Cabernet Souvignon, and our exclusive liqueurs, Grappa al Radicchio and Amaro al Radicchio.

In our store you can find every day vegetables and vegetables from our garden, and our meticulous selection of fruit and local products. You can also find the entire production line of our company, such as preserves, pasta with Radicchio di Treviso IGP, sauces, wines and bitters.

We dedicate part of our land to our other small productions, which we look after as if they were the vegetable garden for our family. Discover our products at Km 0.